Where is your business in relation to Taxes?

  • Are you confident that your company has a low-cost structure from the tax perspective? If so, is this structure reviewed periodically?
  • Are you in compliance with tax regulations, particularly considering the international scenario?
  • Do you have plans of international investments or expansions which will certainly have an impact on your business taxes?



How do you envision your company in this area?

  • Low-cost effective tax structure for your business?
  • Compliance with regulations with no overpaying of tax, specially in a cross-border environment ?
  • Strategic tax approach for international investments or expansions?

We will help you to achieve these goals by delivering validated results which consider not only the tax accounting side but also the legal and supply chain perspectives of your business.




How do you get there?

We are eager to help your business to succeed in the following areas related to Tax by performing the following services:

  • Thorough analysis and evaluation of your business tax structure
  • Suggestions on low-cost effective tax structure and alternatives, in particular in a cross-border environment considering the Mercosur region
  • Strategic tax approach for the creation of new operations, including joint ventures
  • Tax outsourcing – we fully prepare your taxes for your business. We have vast experience and expertise particularly in Uruguay through our partnership with Estudio Rilla accounting firm