Investment Projects


What are Investment Projects?

Investment Projects are initiatives that may qualify as such under Law 16,906 issued by the Uruguayan government to encourage national and foreign investment within the country. This law provides equal treatment to both national and foreign investments. Furthermore, with this law the government ensures free capital and profit transfers from Uruguay to the investors no matter where they reside in the world or their nationality. See Law 16,906.

This law defines “investment” when goods are acquired to increase the company’s fixed assets or intangible assets. We will work with you to determine which investments specific to your company may qualify as investment projects under this law.



What are their advantages?

The key advantages are substantial tax benefits depending whether your particular investments qualify for the following:

  • No tax on equity
  • No sales tax on imported goods or full sales tax return when goods are purchased nationally
  • Accelerated depreciation scheme which provides companies with a great advantage on income tax



How do you get full benefit?

We are eager to help your business to succeed in achieving full benefit of these regulations which promote investments by performing the following services:

  • Investment assessment to qualify for tax benefits
  • Information and documentation gathering according to COMAP -main government organization in charge of evaluating and approving/denying investment projects
  • Investment project presentation to COMAP
  • Single point of contact for investment projects – we manage entirely the relationship with COMAP, Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) and other government organizations involved
  • Follow-up of investment projects