Inventory Management


Where is your business in Inventory Management?

  • Have you accurately and consistently measured your inventory from the finance as well as from the operations perspectives?
  • Are you succesfully managing obsolete inventory?
  • Are you optimizing your inventory levels?
  • Do you apply simple and clear metrics to assess inventory management consistently?
  • Can you trust the information provided by your inventory system?

We will thoroughly analyze and measure your company’s current situation to define a baseline.



How do you envision your company in this area?

  •  Inventory accuracy?
  • Optimized inventory levels?
  • Obsolete inventory reduction?
  • Metrics?
  • Standard capable process applied consistently in your organization?
  • Sustainable competitive advantage?

We will help you to achieve these goals by delivering validated results which build a sustainable competitive advantage.



How do you get there?

We are eager to help your business succeed in the following areas related to Inventory Management by performing the following services:

  • Inventory/Cycle counts
  • Crib Management
  • Analysis of Purchases of Inventory items
  • Analysis of Usage of Inventory items
  • Non-stock items Management
  • Spare parts Management
  • Technolgy applied to Inventory Management such as Point-of-use dispensing machines and bar codes
  • Five S